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Licensing Options

XP Solutions pricing options vary depending on the software program, size of the license needed, additional functionality needed by the user, and licensed location. The following is a brief description of the licensing available. To get specific pricing or a price quote, please contact your representative.


Hardware Key: All XP Solutions licenses are controlled by a hardware key (USB by default) that attaches to either the local computer (for standalone licenses) or a shared machine or server (for network licenses). Use of the software at either the site or enterprise locations depends on your legal license.

Site/Standalone License: If you purchase a license of XP Solutions software, the default licensing is site specific, with a standalone hardware key. You can install the software on any number of machines at the site (office) for which the software is purchased. To run the program, you need the hardware key on the local machine.

Site/Local Area Network (LAN) License: You can install the software on any number of machines at the site (office) for which the software is purchased. To run the program, you will need the LAN hardware key on a local shared machine or server.

Wide Area Network (WAN) License: You can install the software on any number of machines at any number of offices within national boundaries for which the software is purchased (for example, if the licenses are purchased for United States offices, it would be outside of the license to use the software from a Canadian office). To run the program, your network administrator will need the WAN hardware key on a shared machine or server that is accessible across your wide area network. (Please see “Special Programs” section of this page for more information on WAN licensing.)

Demo/Evaluation: These software installations are software-key controlled, rather than hardware key controlled. All licenses are temporary (for an assigned quantity of time) and are limited in the number of links/nodes. The Demo version cannot save model files. To save model files, the demo must be registered and an evaluation license key must be obtained.

Academic License: This software is provided at a lower rate to colleges, universities and accredited institutions for classroom or academic use only.

Node: This is a node with regard to engineering terminology, not IT terminology. A node represents inlets, manholes, outfalls, pipe junctures, ponds, basins or river confluences in a model.

Link: Links represent pipes, river branches and structures that transmit flow such as pumps, orifices, weirs and rating curves in a model.

Cells: In xp2D, cells represent the rectangular elements in a 2D grid which represents the ground surface. This grid links to the 1D xpswmm or xpstorm model. The cell size is determined by the user based on the needs of the model. For example, more detailed terrain or urban areas require smaller grid cells (2m x 2m to 10m x 10m), and more rural or flat areas might allow for larger grid cells (20m x 20m to 100m x 100m).


xpstorm is sold based on the size of model that you need to create in the software, and then on any additional functionality (which is described on the product page).  The xp2Dmodule is sold based on the number of cells.  See options for both below.


Sizes Available Modules Available WAN Available?
20 links/nodes
50 links/nodes
100 links/nodes
200 links/nodes
500 links/nodes
1000 links/nodes
Unlimited links/nodes*
Water Quality
Digital Terrain Module

Real Time Control


Sizes Available Modules Available WAN Available?
30,000 Cells
100,000 Cells
Unlimited Cells*
Multiple Domain** Based on xpswmm or xpstorm licensing

*Unlimited node or cell licenses must be given a value, the default for which is 10,000 nodes or 3 million cells. However, XP Solutions will provided larger licenses upon request.

**Multiple Domain requires at least 30,000 cells.  This option not available for the 10,000 cells that are already included with xpswmm.


Academic Package

Any accredited University or College can order (through the professors name – as registrant) XP Solutions software for classroom use.  For 10% of the price of a single license plus the price of the hardware lock, the university or college would receive:

  • A multi-user license of that software title – expiring in 12 months (or a multi user and single Stand Alone license for instructor)
  • No maintenance fees – The software can be re-purchased the following year
  • No minor or major upgrades (unless a major bug is addressed during that period)
  • Tech Support for installation issues only (Professor or IT personnel)
  • One (1) copy of the workshop notes (can be copied for students with permission of XP Solutions)
  • Professor gets a 50% discount on any regularly scheduled workshops during the current (purchased) software term
  • Software for classroom or research use only (no compensated or professional use is allowed)


xp2D Module: 50% of a single license

Hardware lock prices:

  • Single user: $75.00
  • 2-user: $100.00
  • 5-user: $160.00
  • 10-user: $200.00
  • 25-user: $350.00
WAN Licensing

XP Solutions default licensing stipulates that the software must remain and be used at the location for which it is purchased. This includes both standalone and local area network (LAN) versions.

For those customers who wish to have legal use of xpstorm across a Wide Area Network among separate offices, we offer WAN licensing. This will make the software available to all offices within national boundaries, allowing even the smallest satellite offices to be competitive in their bidding processes.

New purchase rates are calculated at single site price plus 50%. This price is reflected in our Price List (ask your local sales representative). Conversion from single site is 50% of regular price plus difference in xpertcare.

Add-on module prices are calculated at regular price plus 50%. Modules must be purchased for the number of users on the WAN.

There must be a minimum of two licenses to qualify for WAN licensing. Please note that licenses added to a WAN must be identical in size (number of nodes) and configuration (add-on modules).

xpertcare for WAN licenses is calculated at 15% of the regular WAN price for your license including modules.

To assist with the times that the customer may need to use a WAN license off-site, we will allow the purchase of the xpviewer Encryptor module. The customer need only buy a single module of xpviewer per lock which will be applicable to all WAN licenses on that lock. This is not applicable for any other module.

The customer will be asked to provide a purchasing and technical contact for WAN support. All users of the software will be asked to register as users on our website.

WAN licensing provides for use within national boundaries. It is not permitted to use a license between different countries.

Software Leasing

Software can be leased for 10% per month of the current list price with a minimum 3 month period (which is equal to 30% of the retail program price). This rate is valid for all software modules such as xp2D and RTC.

After the initial lease is purchased, additional months can be added at 20% of the list price per month.

Modules cannot be leased by themselves and added to an existing license. All modules must be leased with an accompanying xpswmm or xpstorm license (any size). For instance, an existing user cannot lease JUST the xp2D, DTM or RTC module.

Anytime within the lease period, clients can fully purchase the software and XP will credit 100% (less $100 for administration) of the lease fees towards the current list price.

For 30 days following the lease period, XP will credit 75% of the lease fees toward purchase of that package.

For the next 2 months, XP will credit 40% of the lease fees.

After that period, there will be no credit issued on purchases.

Lease licenses will be provided with a hardware key which will need to be returned within 7 days of the end of the lease period. If not returned, XP will invoice for the full list price of the software (no lease credit applied).